Helping with Writing, Reading, and Study Skills in Maryland

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Coaching Services

Writing Instruction in the Humanities 

Students learn logical ways to break down and organize ideas--whether they are basic or more sophisticated college-level writers. I offer structured writing, grammar and vocabulary programs as well as help with complex research and analytical essays. Such programs can be taught during the summer when students are not driven by the next deadline. To make the instruction relevant, I apply it to the next academic year's curriculum.

Study and Executive Function (Organizational) Skills Coaching

I work with students in grade level or advanced classes in the areas of study skills and tackle issues of executive functionI offer a variety of note-taking, test preparation, and research paper planning strategies from which students can choose.  I offer a comprehensive 3-session "Study Skills" course--sometimes taken in mid to late summer and using the student's required summer reading texts.

Transitioning to High School or College 

A "back-to-school" workshop helps students to hit the ground running on day one of the new academic year.  The student and I  set goals, construct organizational systems, teach helpful  Ipads and phone apps, and surf their new school website to locate the resources and support systems.  The Summer Workshop includes three sessions. 

Reading and Critical Thinking in the Humanities: Subject Tutoring 

 I can help students to both decode and master higher level language activities. I teach structured grammar, vocabulary and writing programs. I use multimedia and summary renditions of texts to ease the reading process, and I introduce many visuals and charts to provide a structure for understanding and analyzing texts.