Helping with Writing, Reading, and Study Skills in Maryland

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Coaching Services

Academic Writing Instruction

Secondary and college students learn logical ways to break down and organize ideas. I offer structured writing, grammar, and vocabulary programs as well as help with complex research and analytical essays. The structured skills programs  (often for students with some written language challenges) can be taught during the summer when students are not consumed by the next deadline and can lean into the learning. 

Study and Executive Function (Organizational) Skills Coaching

Trained by Executive Function expert, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, I work with students in grade-level or advanced classes to apply EF techniques to the management of school work and encourage a school-life balance. I offer a variety of note-taking, test preparation, and research paper planning strategies. Students can access my extensive electronic "Study Skills" binder.  

College Application Essay Coaching

I encourage students to undertake this as a summer project that allows them to complete this often stress-inducing  "assignment"  with a lot of loving support and using a fun program led by "The College Essay Guy." This video program has won accolades for its friendliness and helpful exercises.  Simultaneous to the students watching this program, I guide them in discovering their voices and identity themes. I take them through multiple editions of their work. As a very experienced college writing teacher, who is knowledgeable about the Admissions process, my goal is to engender creativity and self-discovery in the process of writing the college application essay.

Critical Reading and Writing

 I can help students to decode, improve vocabulary, and master higher-level language activities. I use multimedia and summary renditions of texts to make challenging texts more accessible and fun.  I introduce many visuals and charts to provide a structure for organizing insights and evidence so that the formal composing of an essay becomes easier. By working with these graphic organizers, many of my students have overcome writing anxiety--an area of special expertise for me.  Exceptionally bright students often struggle with writing because complicated and nuanced ideas are difficult ones about which to write.  We tackle these challenges together by untangling the many threads of their thinking.