Helping young adults realize their academic goals by embracing their strengths and tackling their challenges.


How Academic Coaching Can Help Your Student

We know what we are but know not what we may be.

                                                                                          William Shakespeare

As an academic coach, I can help your students become "what they may be."  I work with students in the following areas of both executive function and critical reading and writing.

  • Discovering students' strengths, challenges, and passions
  • Defining students' long-term and short-term goals for life
  • Providing dozens of strategies for improving reading, writing, and critical thinking skills
  • Guiding college application writing using a fun program 
  • Teaching higher-level (upper high school and college) strategies for rigorous academic writing
  • Introducing lots of time management and study skills
  • Encouraging kids to integrate their interests into their academic work
  • Fostering the elements of play, connection, and creativity

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